VoodooFiles is GONE!!!!

Started by duocast, 15 December 2003, 15:30:36

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Yep thats right the VoodooFiles servers are all down [:(][:(]
if anybody has there gamefixes page saved please post for download...

Major blow for the 3dfx community...but least it's not as bad as though 3dfxzone.it suddenly disapeared...I would probably have a stroke...
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what are you talking about ?!?!?!?!
voodoofiles is working!


erm.. working perfectly here.....


The files and the forums are up and running.  The forums have moved, I'm not posting a link as I respect these people and their board.  Google search if you want to find it.


QuoteVoodooFiles is GONE!!!!


More simply it was probably off line for some time (being normal for a web site because of troubleshooting or update).

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MAN, you really shocked me! [:p]

Glad it's still online... :)
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