FastVoodoo2 XP for Mismatched SLI?

Started by nighty, 04 December 2003, 21:52:42

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Let me first say hello, and cheers to the guys making these great drivers.  Just wondering, will you guys be making a set for those of us who have 2 different Voodoo2 cards, but want to run them in SLI?  I remember someone had drivers for mismatched SLI back in the day, and I was curious.  I have an STB Black Magic V2 12MB and a 3dfx V2 1000 12MB I would like to SLI together in XP.

Also, I put together a little system recently and popped in a Voodoo2 and did some testing in UT.  I originally posted this at x3dfx, but I wanted you guys to see it as well:

Tyan S2390B Trinity KT-A (KT133A)
Athlon XP1600+ (Palomino)
384MB Micron PC133 SDRAM
S3 Virge 2MB PCI
STB Black Magic Voodoo2 12MB PCI
SoundBlaster AWE ISA
3Com PCI 10/100
WinXP SP1 (all updates)
FastVoodoo2 3.5 XP (default settings)

Unreal Tournament v4.36 (GLIDE)
CityIntro.unr (opening flyby) high detail world/skin
640x480 = Min: 52.82, Max: 128.10, Avg: 75.29
800x600 = Min: 33.52, Max: 93.35, Avg: 52.61

These drivers work great!  No freezes, no problems.  Thanks!  :)
(4) Pentium3 PC's on a Voodoo2 LAN


WOW! Great to see you here Nighty! :)
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I totally agree, those drivers are great. :D

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Hi guys and welcome nighty,

we are working around a new FV2 winxp driver, v. 4.0, with SLI support for identical Voodoo2 only (like previous releases) and it has the priority now. But your idea is good and we will look that is possible do to enable mismatched compatibility in the future versions.

Tnx for compliments about FV2 3.5: sure, that driver is nice, but great, very great is the Voodoo2 ability to increase performance with high clock cpu ;)