How to get the latest Amiga Merlin to work in XP??

Started by Allegro, 17 November 2003, 23:13:08

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Hi, I've downloaded the latest Amiga Merlin 3.0 files from your site and followed the instructions on your site (including deleting a registry entry)

I use Windows XP Professional with the latest updates (Windows Update)
Steps 1 to 3 on the instructions went OK (however i had to change to my old graphics card to get the image back,)

However, i experienced problems completing the final step..

First i found no isetup.exe but only "setup.exe" in the Amiga Merlin 3.0 directory.
Tried that but after a while got the error: "Error 1904. Module C:\Program Files\3dfx Interactive\3dfx Tools\Tools\AdvTweak.dll failed to register. HRESULT -2147418113. Contact your support personnel." (Also got the same error with Color.dll, TVOut.dll LCD.dll, Feature.dll)
Selecting "Retry"didn't work, only "Ignore" let install finish.. But because it failed to install or regoister those files the driver didn't work.. Tried the repair option also, same result..

Any way to get it to install? Is there a write protection or so on those files that i could switch of? Anything else i could do?

Files in the extracted Amiga Merlin 3.0 folder:

3dfx Tools.msi
Driver Setup.exe

folder "driver2k"




no need to post the same thing twice, I have responded to your other thread...
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