Don't beat me up, I really want to know.........

Started by jplee, 04 September 2006, 18:10:55

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Not long ago, a friend asked me the folowing question;

"Why you try to play new games on the old graphic card ( voodoo )?
Dose it make graphic better ( than other graphic card today )? does game run better?  IF not, why bother to do so?"

I don't know how to answer those questions, thought I can understand on the "spiritual" level why voodoo people want to do this, but that can't make a non voodoo people to understand why insist to play new games on Voodoo since there are better way to play. Even some times I have doubt why I collecting voodoo. ( around 15 of them )

Can you help me clear my mind? so I can have a good answer back to my friend.
Thank you very much




3Dfx brought 3D accelerated graphics to the mass consumer market, they are a piece of 3D graphics history.

-> a good reson to collect those cards ^^

I myself don't see a reason to play the latest games with the old voodoos, other than a certain competition to be the first who gets game xyz to run on a voodoo. This evolved out of the fact, that 3Dfx stopped making cards, and people tried of course to use their cards as long as possible and to overcome all obstacles that time put them in their way like games that demanded Transform and Lightning support or pixel shaders. But Nowadays I think it has become quite impossible to really get a state of the art game to run on a voodoo with playable framerate and good looks.

--> Go play games of the voodoo era with your cards, there were many good games back in the days, that are still fun to play!


most people consider it fun when they are able to do something that is considered not really possible by the usual crowd.especially if its something that other people have tried many times and failed.for example-I was the first guy in the world that has managed to run Enter the Matrix on a voodoo5 (ran fine,too bad its such a crappy game).yeah,its not Mount Everest,but it felt all smooth and warm anyway me crazy or lame,whatever,I probably am anyway.but hell,I do voodoo,and I can do it good,too [8D]

..I keep my voodoo machine(s) mostly for those good old voodoo games.making new games run is just a small bonus ;)..


For me it's more about bringing those classics back to life with better hardware.

All I had back in 3dfx's heyday was a 233MMX.
I never got to see the full potential of these cards.

Now we all have that luxury with faster CPU's and RAM ... etc. ;)

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