My new 3DFx system

Started by ManiaC, 01 July 2006, 12:16:04

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I've just completed building my 3DFx system using some parts i had spare lying around, some parts which i purchased and some parts which i salvaged from a junk room.

The Specs are:-
Gigabyte 3DFx Banshee 16MB AGP
QDI SynatiX 5EP Socket 370 mobo
Intel Celeron 700MHz
196MB RAM(PC100) so there's some room for OCing if needed
onboard AC'97 audio
3Gig HDD

I'm using the banshee because all my other 3DFx cards are brand new and i'd like to keep them that way for now (Although i plan to use the Voodoo 5 5500 PCI in my main PC at some stage later. I'm using the Evolution 0.9 drivers with DX9 on Windows 98 which seems to work just fine although alot of newer games(NFS Hot Pursuit 2) won't load at all even though it says it should run on any D3D card

I'd like some tips on how to get newer games to load on this setup aswell as overall opinions of my setup. Thanks