Wrong BIOS file? Voodoo3 3500 PAL users COME here

Started by enes, 23 October 2003, 01:11:21

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on https://www.3dfxzone.it/dir/3dfx/voodoo3/bios.htm I was download BIOS PAL version 2.15.05 and my card now is NTSC?!?! I try NTSC version and my card is again NTSC. So, is file 35k05p.zip really file for PAL system?
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try the BIOS files from here, the one on 3dfxzone may be wrong. if it doesn't work, it's possible that this is not controlled in the BIOS, but that the tuner itself is set to that standard, if so, there may be no way to change it.

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I have Bios ver. 2.15.07 (got with my card), but I have some problems with tuner, and I see that almost everyone have bios ver. 2.15.05 and I want to try it. My card IS PAL NOW, so it's not tuner problem.
I will now DL file, and I will try it.



Is it not possible, that to change the signal input with a converter or something like this.. ? Because i have also a Radeon 9800 AIW pro with NTSC Tuner, and want to see with them Pal Channels..
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Goto Stanto's site and download the BIOS file there.
He has tested them all and they are all what they are supposed to be.
The FAQ page is very helpful too.

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I try BIOS file from http://welcome.to/3dfxBios and it's same: my BIOS ver. 2.15.07 are PAL and ver 2.15.05 are NTSC even if I flashing my eprom with file 35k05p.rom (NOT 35k05n.rom - for NTSC). I try NTSC file and my TV tuner are NTSC too. So, if ANYONE have Voodoo3 3500 TV card with 2.15.05 BIOS version (PAL), please send me copy of your BIOS file.



Uhmm, sorry friend: now i have made this topic sticky so as soon as possible you will receive a right bios file. Do not warry for this!
Again sorry [:(]

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Thanks GLIDE.
I have one more question: When you say "...you will receive a right bios file" did you meen that you will send me file on my e-mail or posting info on this topic?

Thanks again.

P.S. Like you can see, I have original bios ver. 2.15.07 PAL (come with my Voodoo card), and if you want I can send it (just say where), and see how this version of bios work.