annoying VisualReality problem

Started by lini, 13 October 2003, 20:55:38

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VR was working fine on my 3500 TV for a couple of days but today something happened. After 2-3 minutes of watching TV, the audio just stops. If i mute/unmute or change the channel audio comes back. But after 2-3 minutes it stops again.
I cannot watch TV anymore [:(] since i have to mute/unmute every couple of minutes.
I tried reinstalling VR and resetting channels but the problem remains.
Has anyone experienced something like this?
I can see that in the volume control the CD player is never muted and volume is at 100%.
VR does not play the audio if it thinks that there is no program at the frequency. Is there any way(registry hack?) to make it play audio regardless of the frequency.


Hello lini, have you solved your problem with the bad quality?

For your problem with Visualreality, have you configured your audio with audio assistant on visualreality menu?

Please, post your problem in the correct section of forum, in Voodoo3 or at least in VoodooTV section

Thank you

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