try to recognize my VOODOo

Started by, 07 October 2003, 10:06:49

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Hi to everybody,
Please help to recognize my Voodo video card.
during PC booting I have message "3dfx 16 mb".
photo od my card attaced.
regards, Aleks



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You have not loaded the image correctly


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It could be a 3dfx Banshee card PCI


QuoteOriginally posted by aporte

It could be a 3dfx Banshee card PCI

But it's low profile... i've never seen a banshee low profile. Look the memory chip: it's look like v4/5[?]



It just a V3 2000 or 3000 with the stock cooler removed and a HSF combo put on


This is Voodoo 3 3000 PCI (Compaq-style PCB). Not STB, I think its Powercolor.

NitroX infinity

It looks a lot like a Gainward Dragon 4000 16MB SDRAM (Banshee)
See here:
(scroll a bit down)