V3 3000 Video Out Problem - Overlay ?

Started by Wandering.Kid, 06 October 2003, 11:19:53

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I just installed the new Amigasport 3.0 driver. I am using my V3 3000 only for TVOUT ... no monitor is connected.

Most video apps don`t show a picture though.

Windows Media Player 9 and the DIVX Bundle just show some weird garbage where Videooutput should be.

Till now only WinAMP 2.91 shows the videosignal on screen.

I imagine this would be an overlay problem ...
But I have now found a way to swith the primary device to TVOUT.

The "dont use monitor when TVOUT is activated"-setting does not do the trick either :-(

Any suggestins ?



You can see the Divx single if the TV is the primary video, is a problem of all the Divx

But you could not to see this?



apart from DIVX via Mediaplayer the output is fine.

I have seen this screen too ... is there no way to select the TV as Primary Output device ?

And as I said the don`t use monitor if tv-out is enabled setting does not work very well.



I have never tried with Windows Media Player 9, I have always used the 8 or other video player (PowerDVD, MiniDVD, WinDVD, ZoomPlayer...) always with the Divx codec http://www.divx.com/divx/

Have you tried therefore?