the end of the dream....

Started by Gorik, 06 March 2006, 14:43:06

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Hi Guys...
or better says goodbye...

After all the dream is ended...
My PC is stop to function in friday morning and after log try to re-animate it, I buy a new Pc on saturday...

So I can't test try and enjoy anymore with my dear dear V5500...
I hope it come in good hands, who want make an offer will found me in private or at

I want thanks all participate this forum, for the support, advices, and for make me felt a part of a special group, for make me felt like a real beta-tester for all this new drivers...

A Special thanks to all staff, and Daniel, and Paul for make me continue to expirement and find solutions with new software...

Thanks to all 3DFX.

MB: Gigabyte GA-7ZXE
VIA VT8363A (KT133A)
CPU: Duron 1.3 Ghz
RAM: 256 MB PC100
H/D: 10 GB, 20GB
VIDEO: VOODOO 5500 AGP 64 RAM bios 1.18


Don't give up, yet. Does the machine do something when you plug it off, and than back in ? If there is power, does it beep some strange sequence when you turn it on ? Most likely, a fuse has burned, if the PC doesn't start at all. Can you try another PSU ?
AthlonXP 2400+@2700+ 2.22GHz/256k/148FSB, 1024MB RAM DDR400@296 Samsung+Kingmax, GB-7N400L, SAMSUNG 80GB/7200/8MB/ATA133, ATi Radeon 9800SE 128-bit, 128 MB (8x1) 380/330MHz, 2xVooDoo2 12MB 90/110MHz - Skywell Magic 3D II + JoyMedia Apollo 3Dfast II


well, PC's don't die, their components do (so find which one is faulty and replace) ;)

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