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Started by Ree, 13 February 2006, 18:15:29

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I decided I'd like to install SFFT now :)

The latest version is alpha 33, right? Please confirm.

I run Win XP Pro SP2 with Voodoo3 2000 PCI. Currently I have Amigasport 3.0 XP installed. Also I have this glide2x installed, as per ps47's recommendation ;)

I know SFFT needs to be installed via Device Manager (update driver and that's it). I thought SFFT was geared towards D3D, but I see it has glide and 3dfxOGL dll's present in the installation package. Won't SFFT overwrite any glide/opengl related files? I am happy with Amigasport regarding this part.

If there's a recommended driver installation of Amigasport 3.0 XP + SFFT, please let me know. Maybe I should replace some files in SFFT package with better/more optimized ones from other packages, for example, Amigamerlin 3.0 XP itself, or any other?

To sum it up, I'd to find out the best all-round driver setup for my voodoo3 which would include the best parts from Amigasport 3.0 XP and SFFT.



Yes the alpha 33 is the latest version, although if you have problems with the alpha33, the alpha 32 is also worth a try. The glide and opengl files shipped with the V3 version of the driver were taken from Amigersport 3.0 so should be the same versions, any files that you have updated after installing the Amigermerlin 3.0 would need to be updated after installing the SFFT driver.



if you want to use the original glide2x (the one I have recommended),you will need to overwrite it (its in your windows/system32 folder) again after you install a new driver..


I installed SFFT (alpha 34)... but 3dfx tools controls in windows display properties disappeared. How do I re-enable 3dfx tools?

Also, glide2x.dll and glide3x.dll (windows/system32) were not updated after SFFT was installed, they were left the same I had with Amigamerlin installation. How come?

Maybe SFFT has something to say?


The glide2x and glide3x are the same in sfft and amigasport as far as i know. That might be the reason they don't seem updated. You can download (https://www.3dfxzone.it/dir/3dfx/common_files/index.htm) and install 3dfx tools separately, as SFFT drivers don't have them inculded.


I think this is not the case. Before installing SFFT, I had different glide2x.dll and glide3x.dll installed, that is, they were different from both Amigasport and SFFT ones.

Also, since Amigasport comes with 3dfx tools, obviously, I had it installed, and it's still there, sitting on my HDD. It just disappeared from win display properties after I installed SFFT.


Well, it seems I'm running into problems more and more since I installed SFFT alpha 34. I uninstalled the 3dfx tools that came with Amigasport 3.0 XP and then I tried installing 3dfx tools from falconfly's website. I got multiple errors during installation - 1904, unable to register modules. I have noticed others got the problem as well, however, there seems to be no solution for everyone. Should I run Driver Cleaner 2.7, reinstall SFFT and then reinstall 3dfx tools? I'd really prefer a manual removal, if it's possible to do easily.


If you have a working driver install with 3dfx tools, then there is no need to uninstall the tools, before upgrading the driver to the sfft driver via control panel. A lot of the problems with the tool install seem to be down to having a second graphioc card installed, disable the non-voodoo card, and uninstall the tools, then re-install the tools with the non-voodoo card still disabled, it should then install ok. You can then re-enable the non-voodoo card.



I have already mentioned, that after I installed SFFT over Amigasport (which comes WITH 3dfx tools), 3dfx tools simply disappeared from display properties, so I tried reinstalling it but get errors during the installation.

I have no secondary video card in this PC and never had.