Help wanted: Collecting V56K Serial Numbers

Started by Chosen_One, 25 January 2019, 16:27:19

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at VoodooAlert I'm currently collecting the serial numbers found on the back of every Vooddo5 6000 Rev.A 3700 (The others Revisions doesn't have the decal with the S/N).


Together with the serial number, which is unique, I try to collect as much history per card as possible.
In theory you can track back your v56k to the 3dfx-engineer, who took it in 2000.

So if you own a Rev.A 3700, not listed there or do have more information to another card (owner, previous owner, time stamps, high-res (!) pictures from the front/back), please drop me a line. Every little detail is important.

It's a long time project, based on the input of our 3dfx-community. So I need your help.


Id get ahold of gold leader aka obi won kombi, he used to have a list of v56k owners and he may have a SN too.