Win2k3 drivers?

Started by DarkRaven, 04 February 2006, 10:50:35

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Are there some 3dfx drivers which are compatible with win2k3? does amigamerlin 3.1 r1 support win2k3?
greez DarkRaven



edit: ok,seems like I was wrong [xx(]


It depends. Most of the Win2k/XP drivers for any device work without problems under Win2003. I'm currently using the koolsmoky's glide drivers for WinXP under Win2003 and they work fine. No bugs, no picture corruption. If you have Win2k/XP drivers - try using them. There is no reason software written for the XP core and libraries not to run under 2003.
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The latest SFFT Alpha driver should work under 2k3, I tested the alpha 32 or alpha 33 under 2k3, they worked the earlier ones didn't due a bug that wasn't checked for under 2k and XP.