XP SP2 and refresh rates

Started by Ree, 03 December 2005, 23:41:04

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I'm not sure if it's the right forum to ask this, but I'll give it a go. Currently I have 1024x768 resolution set at 85Hz. That's fine, it really is 85Hz everywhere 1024x768 resolution is used: desktop, games etc. Since my monitor supports pretty high refresh rates for lower resolutions, I tried to set 800x600 at 100Hz (by using display properties). So I did that, BUT when I checked in-game (Heroes 3) with 800x600 reolution, it was 85Hz although I set it to 100Hz before! That sucks. It seems like for me it is possible to use single refresh rate for all resolutions... I remember clearly, when I used Win 98SE, I set different refresh rates for each reolution via the same display properties, and it was all fine: 1024x768@85Hz, 800x600@100Hz, 640x480@120Hz etc. Does anyone of you have the same problem? Maybe you coud recommend a solution if there is one? If you CAN set different refresh rates for different resolutions and they do not get overwritten, please let me know as well. Btw, I am using Voodoo3 2000 PCI.




Does that mean I'm not the only one having this problem? It's Win 2K/XP 'feature'?


Actually the program made things worse. Now the game runs @60Hz! Why?

EDIT: It actually works. It seems you must apply the refresh settings for each color mode.


..and you are right,this problem is one of the great xp "features".and its still not fixed,not even after two service packs (I still cant set various refresh rates for various resolutions like I did in win98se without using reforce,and I dont want to use reforce because its not compatible with HL2 and BF2).adding idiotic firewall-yes.fixing the refreshes (it worked under win9x so they apparently know how to do it right)-no.

as I said earlier,xp is my last MS OS,no chance in HELL I'll be using vista (or whatever is that piece of sorry spyware called.explorer7? yeah right) when xp becomes outdated.