3D-Analyze on a .bin?

Started by Scryer, 19 January 2015, 03:33:04

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I am attempting to use 3D-Analyze to clear up some graphics issues i encounter with the mmorpg "Aura Kingdom". However, the game's main executable is a .bin which is run via the Launcher. Since the launcher handles part of the login process, bypassing it in any manner isn't feasible.

I have tried attaching 3D-Analyze to the Launcher with no results. Since 3D-Analyze does not accept a .bin as valid input (and the .bin cannot be launched directly via 3dA anyway) I'm sort of stuck. Any advice?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Scryer, you're welcome here.

The scenario isn't fully clear for me, but in general 3D-Analyze cannot work with not-exe files, so I think that Aura Kingdom is unsupported by this utility.

Furthermore, also if we try to rename the .bin file (changing its extension to exe), we do a issue with the launcher and so the problem remains...

Let me know if I can do other.

Bye bye