Which Amigamerlin?

Started by Ree, 25 November 2005, 23:01:35

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Specs do not matter in this case, I am still going to install Win Xp. It's PIII 450 MHz, 320 SDRAM, Voodoo3 2000.

Just trying to find out what exactly I should install, so that my voodoo runs well on xp.


I would do this:
-download and install amigasport3.0xp (see the readme for detailed instructions)
-download a real glide2x and extract it to your windows/system32 folder
-install wickedgl,open the wickedgl folder,and copy the opengl32.dll file to your counterstrike folder

I have linked detailed instructions already,read it carefully and you will have all the info you need..

as for mesafx,its more compatible,but usually slower.basically,you should use mesafx only when the game doesnt work with other opengl drivers (or when you need the special features like sw rescaling)..


My spec:
AMD 2200+, 256MB, mobo MSI KT4A-V, voodoo3 2000PCI->3000(mod BIOS@205Mhz) WinXP+SP2
STTF driver V3alpha32-new d3d core:
-3dfxvsm.sys-5.0.3668.242, 171KB, 29.06.2005, 08:58:24;
-dfxvs.dll-5.0.3790.242, 598KB, 29.06.2005, 13:06:20;
glide2x.dll-, 247KB, 22.10.2001, 00:34:14;
glide3x.dll-, 336KB, 05.10.2004, 00:44:54;
V.Control 1.82 Beta by koolsmoky.
All work perfectly.
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ps47, I'm going to follow your advice. Just I'd like to ask, you know WIn XP installs its default voodoo driver upon installation and in Amigasport 3.0 XP readme it is stated that old driver should be removed. Can I simply install Amigasport on top of it? If not, how exactly do I remove the driver?


you dont need to remove the default xp driver.step 1 is valid only if you already have some 3rdparty xp driver installed.just go directly to step 2,and everything should work ok..