Idea for an enormous graphic Improvement...

Started by roflkopp, 29 October 2005, 11:23:13

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The idea is, to create a Tool which calculates a static Bumpmap, a specularmap and a diffusemap in one texture.

I tried this with a few textures in D³, but it's n enormous workload to do this manually with all textures and on the other hand, there may be some companies which don't like to find a changed version of their textures in the internet.


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Maybe it's also possible to create a driver with application profiles, which does this automated. For more informations, formulas, ideas you may have a look at this thread (german):


3dfx tricks, tests and wallpapers


Hm, you mean that we'll have bumpmapped Doom3 on Voodoo 2/3/4/5 ?


Um yea, but only static bumpmaps. And only 1 light direction.


Hm, like some sort of embossing I quess :) Better that nothing, and framerate dont change.

Create driver? In that case perfomanse may downgrade, perhaps FPS will be very low. After all D3 with shadows shows not a very big FPS even now on V5 5500.

By the way some sort of such things we can see in Escape from Butcher Bay. 0.5 mode - in that mode game use prerendered DOT3 bumpmapped textures.


Any openGL-coder (maybe koolsmoky?) would like this idea?:

What about taking bumpmaps, specularmaps and diffusemaps from DoomIII, QuakeIV or Prey and render them in a new texture - in realtime. Sure, this is very timeintensive but you could save these new textures in a file - just like wickedGL does.

The big advantage would be a much better ingame quality with ABSOLUTELY NO LOSS OF PERFORMANCE! (because you render ingame just the same amount of textures. The only difference is, that these textures wouldn't have that bad contrasts und poor structures like diffusemaps have normally. They would just look as good as they would do on a DX9 card!!! (except the dynamic lighting)

I think this idea is really worth to think about, isn't it?