Voodoo Rampage - OpenGL driver

Started by Geri, 11 December 2013, 19:20:27

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Voodoo Rampage support has been added to TitaniumGL

TitaniumGL for Windows98:

3dfx Voodoo Rampage (Spectre) 1000/2000 support has been added to the driver.

-Max 256x256 textures on Rampage - Rampage only have 9 mbyte of RAM accessible, so TitaniumGL limits the maximal texture size with this small amout of RAM

-Dont forget to have Directx9 installed. Without that, TitaniumGL will not load.


-Donation: if you like the rampage driver, or titaniumgl at all, a small donation would be greatly appreciated! you can send sonations through paypal at pressing the paypal button on the webpage on the download page. you can see my paypal adress inside that panel, and if you want to send more than 3 euro, you can send the money directly to that paypal adress. donators get ad-free license key.

-Driver: legend.uw.hu/TitaniumGL/TitaniumGL_for_windows98_2013_12.zip

-Webpage: http://titaniumgl.tk



Hi Geri,

good new.

Thank you.

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i have just glide wrapper now :D