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Started by Gemail, 23 July 2005, 19:40:24

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Could you recommend a screen-shot utility program that works with 3DFX cards (Voodoo 3, 4, ...). I would like it to be able to capture screen images in games on Direct3D (DirectX) but also on OpenGL and Glide. The key I set in the 3DFX Tools doesn't work at all in Direct3D and in Glide works with a small number of games (mostly it doesn't), so I need a third-party solution ...
Links for available suitable downloads would be greatly appreciated!  ;D
Thanks ...  ;)


hypersnap can do everything above.there is only one problem,the latest trial version will put hypesnap logos all over your screenshot.I have an older trial version that puts the logo only in the upper left corner,and thats acceptable I think.I can send you the file if you want. (note: this is perfectly legal of course.)


The "print" key should be sufficient for Direct3D. In Glide and OpenGL it's more difficult.

Create a .reg file and insert the following:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Now you can make screenshots with the *-key (left of the - on the num block). The shots appear in the game folder as tga's.

Greetings from Germany,
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Thanks! HyperSnap rulles!
Could you please help me with this problem: ?