Glide File fixes for FastVoodoo 2 XP Gold Drivers

Started by Archangel, 14 June 2005, 03:26:54

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I recently found glide files posted on another site that fixed a lot of problems I was having running the FastVoodoo2 XP v.4.0 Gold driver for my Voodoo 2 cards.

There are actually two glide files, one for those running ATI cards as their primary card, and another for those running Nvidia card as their primary.

After installing the file games that glitched ran smoothly. For instance, Wing Commander Prophecy always ran with graphic artifacts in the radar screen area; these are now gone and I can even run the game in high resolution mode (third party tweak).

I'm sure others would be interested in these files and they could be posted in the FastVoodoo2 XP Gold download page. For now I will give the link to the sites where I found them and I will leave it to the powers that be of this forum to decide if they are worthy of inclusion:

This first link contains driver and card info. and links:

This second link contains the glide file downloads:

Note: The first link will lead you to other drivers for XP and 98 along with glide patches for these as well.

Happy Gaming,

AMD Athlon 2400+, 1gig memory, MSI NVidia 6600GT-128, 2 Canopus Pure 3D Voodoo 2's in SLI, Turtle Beach Santa Cruz Sound Card,Win XP.