slow 2D performance

Started by Tualatin, 13 December 2011, 15:16:56

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I am using SFFT 1.5 drivers w/ V5 PCI on XP. The recently released 1.9 drivers unfortunately do not work for me.

QuoteThis was probably caused by the following module: 3dfxvs.dll (3dfxvs+0x8685A)
Bugcheck code: 0x100000EA (0xFFFFFFFF8A444988, 0xFFFFFFFF8992A710, 0xFFFFFFFFBACFBCBC, 0x1)
file path: C:\CHILLBOX\system32\3dfxvs.dll
product: 3dfx Interactive VSA Series
company: 3dfx[Zone]
description: 3dfx VSA Display Driver
Bug check description: This indicates that a thread in a device driver is endlessly spinning.
This appears to be a typical software driver bug and is not likely to be caused by a hardware problem.
A third party driver was identified as the probable root cause of this system error. It is suggested you look for an update for the following driver: 3dfxvs.dll (3dfx VSA Display Driver, 3dfx[Zone]
Google query: 3dfxvs.dll 3dfx[Zone] THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER_M
But that's not the point. The 1.5 drivers I am using work for fine for the game I play but whenever I am browsing web... the system lags quite a bit. Any idea why 2D is so slow for me?


Minja depends what you are viewing. Sites packed with flash content are soemwhat tricky for our old Voodoos. Instal flashblocker (for Firefox) and see if it helps. If not, try older drivers. Most sites should work pretty good even on Voodoos.