Looking for an old Voodoo 1 Demo

Started by Size_Mick, 10 August 2011, 06:46:32

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I'm nearly certain this demo was NOT made by 3dfx, and I'm not even certain it was made only for 3dfx cards, but it was one of the earliest "screensavers" or "tech demos" that I remember seeing on a voodoo 1 card. It might have been one of the first things I ever downloaded for the voodoo, probably from 3dfxmania.com. I can't remember all of it except for one scene where it rendered a blob of "water" floating a few inches over a table made of wood. The wood had a fairly realistic texture to it, and was warmly lit. The blob was colorless and completely clear, like water. The camera would rotate around the blob slowly and the blob itself would wiggle and undulate a bit.

There were other scenes to this demo but I don't recall what they were, because I think the blob of water impressed me the most. That and the high frame rate :)

Does anyone have this demo, and is it possible to post a link? Thanks in advance.


Maybe what you are looking for exists on this disc.

Download 3dfx Dreams [489mb] - http://rottentreats.com/files/3dfxDreams.rar

Mirror - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=3BM98N2T


Thanks for the link, I'm downloading it now. I think though that the demo won't be on there, because this collection looks to be almost 2 years newer than the demo I'm thinking of. This demo would have been one of the early ones, from late '96 or early '97. It's a real shame that the 3dfiles.com mirrors are all gone.