Error Couldn't copy ForceDLL into game's folders

Started by DarkCavalier, 08 August 2011, 07:27:40

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I have an Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family, based on CanYouRunIt ( my computer should be able to run BFME 2 (Battle For Middle Earth 2) and the expansion The Rise Of The Witch-King except for the HW TnL since my Chipset doesnt have or support it, so I have been searching a long time for driver's updates, I downloaded them, installed them and still nothing. I heard that 3DAnalyze could emulate HW TnL for me so i downloaded it and installed it, i selected the BFME 2's EXE and I ticked the option emulate HW TnL caps and I clicked on RUN but it says that it couldn't copy the ForceDLL into the game's folders. So I enabled 3DAnalyze on my firewall and tried again but it still didn't work. Please help me ! :(


Did you extract 3D-Analyze onto the desktop? If not, do that and try again. Not sure why but it has to be on the desktop.


"Could not copy C:\Documents and Settings\Aero\My Documents\Games\LEGO Star Wars Game\ForceDLL.dll to C:\Documents and Settings\Aero\My Documents\Games\LEGO Star Wars Game\ForceDLL.dll!"

Don't run 3Danalyzer in the game directory!

Setup to C:\Program Files\3D analyzer or someplace like that and run it from there. 3D analyzer is writing a ForceDLL.dll file to the game directory but only while it is in progress, it is deleted afterwards. So how can it do that if you installed 3Danalyzer in the game directory? Get it out of there!

There are actually videos on Youtube for this very problem, trouble is people who make videos don't know DOS nor
how a simple operating system works! Neither do any of you, apparently.... did you READ the docs for the 3D program? No, of course you didn't!

Later! (a 53 year old I.T. professional, now retired)