i have problems with every 3dfx driver

Started by Volkovy, 13 March 2005, 17:11:23

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Hi guys!

First of all,sorry for my english..:)

I got a Voodoo5 5500 agp vga card,and I use WinXP.

I tried all drivers which are made for the 5.5k,but none of them were truly fine.

The most stable was the 1.04 whql,but it crashed in ut'99.in 3dmark2001 and quake3,it was good.

I tried these:amigamerlin 3.0,amigasport 3.1,3dhq beta 10,darkmane3dfxdriver,1.04 whql.

My motherboard is an MSI 694D,with 2 p3 866's and a stick of sdram(512mb).

If the opengl and the d3d works,the glide don't.and vice versa.

do you got any tips for me?Which driver should I use?

maybe the via chipset causes the problems?

thx a lot!

NitroX infinity

1. Run a program called memtest to test your memory.
2. Run chkdsk to check your harddrive.
3. Your Windows installation might be bad. Try a fresh installation.


Thx a lot but everything's ok with the pc.(Memtest runs 3 days without problems,and I tried six or seven different versions of Windows.)

I mean if I use the built-in 3dfx driver(which is included in the WinXP),all benchmarks run and all games are stable,but the speed is awful.

But when I install a driver for the card,the 3d gets crazy.
In 2d,every driver is good,and stable also.There aren't any BSOD's or something.

NitroX infinity

It could be that the card is no longer good.
Do you have the ability to test another V5?

If I'm not mistaking, the WindowsXP driver for the V5 is a 2D driver; all 3D is handled by software. That might be the reason why standard windows drivers don't show these errors. (Try running a game with software rendering using 3rd party drivers)


I bought the card 2 weeks before..
No,there isn't any more V5's in the whole city,i think :)

Quake3 runs with the XP driver,so I think it ain't only 2D stuff..
But it's slow.

I try Amigamerlin 3.1 R1+MesaFX again.

How should I use MesaFX?
Only overwrite the old opengl32.dll in the windows/system32 directory?Or how?


First off, if you are running WinXP, the system's native drivers for your videocard are hardware, but with limited features. Quake 3 is sluggish because of running in OpenGL emulation mode via D3D - you can check this in Q3 "system" tab, under "gl driver info". Speaking of the board itself, i think it's just fine, the problem may be either your PSU or mainboard's s****y AGP implementation. Since I was having countless stability problems with Banshee/V3 in the past (MVP3 was a nightmare), i suggest: 1 - uninstall vendor's AGP drivers if you have previously installed them; 2 - turn off some hardware like CD-drives or some expansion-cards, to clarify the issue; this will also inform you about any existing hardware conflicts.
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you also must remember that XP clobbers any drivers that are not digitally signed without doing some tweaks to XP.  try renaming the driver.cab file in XP and then rebooting and THEN installing yer drivers.  if you don't do this, then XP just recopies over the files you just installed without even telling you.  try putting the opengl32.dll in the folder that the GAME EXE resides in. XP will not touch this openGL32.dll at all.  also VIA drivers are a pain......
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I think that your problems may be to do with running on a multi-processor machine. I would try the SFFT Alpha 23 drivers, or the Amigermerlin 3.1 R6 Beta which uses the same core. This core should be ok on a multi-processor machine.