How to increase AF in 3dfx drivers?

Started by My_Spleen, 10 May 2011, 00:03:22

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Is there a way? I'm looking at the settings in the 3dfx tools and there's no mention of AF :s

V5500 by the way


There once was a 3DHQ beta driver ( or was it alpha ? ) that tried to realize AF through T-Buffer.
DonĀ“t know whether it was successfull but as this option is missing in up to date drivers, the answer is : No.


That's too bad. Was AF not a standard feature then?

Obi-Wan Kenobi

@ Rolo01

It was the x-3dfx team that worked on this driver actually ;)

Use the latest x-3dfx driver to take advantage of Anisotropic Filtering and it was actually emulated via the CPU. 8x AF was max possible which is 64 TAP AF.

Aqoess claimed that 64 TAP AF is possible on the V5 via it's T-Buffer, but  others think itwas emulated via the CPU and done via the driver softwarematically heh

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