NVidia's April Fools joke this year: The Voodoo 590!

Started by AeEsBii, 12 April 2011, 07:54:34

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They put the article on GeForce.com here. In the context of the joke, 233 VSA-100 chips match the GTX 590. [:o)]  
Quote"Hey, kick ass, old school graphics needs some juice. We are taking a brute force approach to rendering. We have a few power issues to sort out, but it's mostly done."

I can't believe no one's brought it up on these forums yet!

It makes me think that some 3dfx branding mods for NVidia cards might be amusing. NVidia could have made a GTX 590 reference card with orange PCB and a four-fan cooler (I don't think you'd want to actually run the card, except in an open workbench where you could show it off, anyways), maybe held a photo contest for people to show off their old cards and Glide game collection - the prize being the "Voodoo 590".