help: warcraft3 not running on 3d-Analyze

Started by orcman, 07 November 2010, 21:53:26

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Need help to run Warcraft3 Frozen Throne with 3d-Analyze v2.36. After click "run", got an error message "Warcraft III was unable to initialize DirectX. Please ensure you have DirectX8.1 or newer installed and that your display drivers are current..."

Tried to install DirectX8.1 and figured my OS already has that or a newer version. Every site I googled says 3d-Analyze can run Warcraft3 (it's a 7yr old RTS game, does not use pixel shader. Minimum graphic requirement:8MB 3D video card (TNT, i810, Voodoo 3, Rage 128 equivalent or better) with DirectX 8.1 support.), but no config info anywhere. BTW, the game is installed correctly, as I can use opengl to run it, just too slow to play.

Opteron144-overclocked to 2.7G
DFI Lanparty nForce4 ultraD - socket 939
2GB Ram-DDR400
500GB SATA Seagate
Video card: Cirrus Logic 5446 PCI 1MB. This is the only card I can find after EVGA 6600gt died after 5yr of use.

Thanks and wishes everyone get a new video card for Christmas. ^_&


"Minimum graphic requirement:8MB 3D video card "


"Video card: Cirrus Logic 5446 PCI 1MB."

Thats your problem.
You are not going to be running any 3d games with that card.


Thanks for the reply.
The whole point of 3d Analyze is to run games that require more than the current video card. That's exactly where I am at, isn't it?
Anyway, Thank you for your time.


QuoteOriginally posted by orcman

The whole point of 3d Analyze is to run games that require more than the current video card.
yes and no,see this:

for your problem,try swiftshader:

it emulates the graphics card completely with cpu.slow,but it should work.


thanks a lot.
I will try swiftshader then.


I know this is a old thread but I do not see the solution and I have one.

I get the direct x issue (I have direct x) when the desk top resolution is set too high. Reduce the resolution on the desk top and try again. Continue to reduce the resolution until the issue subsides.

Sorry it took so many years to help [8D]


Hi humanity,

better late than never, thank you ;)

Bye bye