Some people with no common sense!

Started by edmundoab, 22 December 2004, 00:17:27

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Hell I am so pissed off with this person who I bought my VoodooMac 4500 PCI from
A german.
I paid US$275.00 in total to get this,
and see how he treated my card!!!

F**KING A**HOLE with no common sense!!
I told him particularly to treat the item properly and have proper protection for it.
He did exactly the opposite!

stupid ass, this guy has close to 40 feedbacks and he doesn't know how to ship an item in a box.
I'm from a third world country and at least I know that is totally absurd.
complete IDIOT
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Yeah I know it's totally a horrifc scene, The dutch Forums did come up with an answer:

A 3dfx mate named Thandor said that you have a right to claim the damage on it and there fore claiming you money back, I dunno if this is possible, but you could possibly try it.

all the other dutch 3dfx people cried out with envy [V] This is not how people should treat mail for others, this is very wrong.
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