Started by ps47, 04 April 2010, 22:06:50

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3D Analyze is a tool designed to overcome certain SMALL limitations of old graphics hardware-it can emulate hardware T&L (using software T&L),bypass hardware id checks,force different texture formats,fix known bugs in old drivers,and a couple of other little tricks that can help you with error analysis.

it is,however,NOT MEANT to replace your graphics card-if a game requires full pixel shader (or any other advanced feature) support,3D Analyze is NOT GOING TO HELP you-there are NO settings that will allow you to play today's demanding games (such as gta4) on your 10 year old 16-32 MB graphics card.

to make it short-we (moderators&advanced users) WILL try to help you with your 3DAnalyze settings,but unfortunately,in 99% of cases our answer will always be the same-you will have to buy new hardware if you want to run new games.

thanks for your attention.

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