Evolution V1.00.00 and newer..Driver problems..

Started by ps47, 23 September 2004, 21:41:27

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..seems like the only version that works for me without problems is EVO 0.9 (great one,really[8D]).EVO 1.00.00 installs fine,d3d works good (just like with EVO 0.9),but opengl performance seems to be down (mouse is slow in the main menu in RTC Wolfenstein),and when I run an opengl/glide based game in resolution lower than 1024*768,a weird glitch appears,it looks like small horizontal waves are moving down the screen..screenshot looks ok.really weird.

it looks loke this (this is very simplified of courese):
Image Insert:

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and EVO 1.00.09?I cant even install it,the launcher drops me to desktop after extracting the files.I have loaded the driver by running driversetup.exe,and d3d works,but opengl and glide games are terribly corrupted..am I doing something wrong..?



Hey.  When that happened to me I needed to update the driver from device manager (have disk, point to the evolution folder).  If I used DriverSetup, the glide files weren't copied to Windows\System.

Interesting I'm not the only one who had that problem.  On a fresh Windows install, I got the exe's to work but still had to run the 3dfx Tools setup myself after reboot.
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glide games dont work for me, with the lastest EVo drivers...
games sucha as Clives Barker Undying, Unreal TOurnament..., Both run in D3D P E R F E C T, but  i cant run them in glide, it freeze, and y must reboot =/. any way.. undyeing full playeble  in d3d mode =D, really nice  in 800*600*32 =D.
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