3dfx Voodoo and motherboards

Started by otidnanreh, 27 August 2004, 03:44:37

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Hi all.
I just read an old post from Amigamerlin, post that said he owns a Gigabyte 7VRXP, known to be a "monster" for Voodoo cards.
But why is that true? Large cache?
Any idea of other motherboards that are that good with a Voodoo installed?

Thanks in advance.
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I've had excellent results with the ASUS A7V-266E, A7V-333 (1x/2x/4xAGP Version, not CD/CE-Stepping) and a Shuttle AK35-GT2.

That Shuttle Board even runs an AthlonXP 3000+ with an updated Bios (no tweaks needed, stock FSB166 works perfect).
The A7V-333 also has (limited) FSB166 capabilities thanks to a Bios-Update, but not always stable at "Turbo" Performance Setting, thus losing a few % performance at "Optimal" Performance Setting.

I guess that's as good as it gets for a 3dfx AGP Card ;)
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