Help: Voodoo5 6000 HiNT Rev. 2 broken?

Started by SK1, 09 July 2004, 15:03:26

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I bought this fine looking Voodoo 5 6000 HiNT Revision 2. After that, someone told me via email, he/she knew it had a broken core supply (But maybe "only" the HiNT chip is broken?). If I'd install it, the card would be completely destroyed.

So I never tested it.

Now, other people told me I should ask for the help of an ex-3dfx-engineer called Hank Semenec.

Could you help me contacting him? :)


Sorry for bad English.
Thank you in advance!
Owner of a V5 6000


Leave Hank alone, he's busy as it is.

You bought a broken card, it's your fault, no one forced you to buy it.
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Are always so friendly to your new guests ? :D

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You have to email him, he will not answer fast, but he will do it.

You can also contact with amigamerlin to accelarate it.