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Started by kazu, 02 July 2004, 21:19:32

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I have 2 Monster 3D II 8 MB and want to use them in sli mode. But it doesn't work
In single mode both work fine for themselves.
I noticed that on one card there stands Rev A and on the other Rev E
the on with rev a has an additional resistor on the board.. i soldered it out but that didn't change anything so i resoldered it again. its like this:
when i start game with sli mode enabled and the rev a card is the first then the screen simply switches to black no hangup... simply black screen. when i use the rev e card first the screen flickers the 3dfx logo in strange colors and then the screen turns black with some flickers sometime.
i already tried many drivers....
haven't tried the mismatched drivers jet.
are my cards damaged? or what could be the problem?
can u help me?


use mismatched driver.
I have Monster 2 (8 mb) and Astro PV830 (12 mb). I used FastVoodoo 4 XP GE and mismatched Glide 2x and 3x from mismatched sli driver for win9x (v3.02.02). works in win2k.
Voodoo5 5500 AGP with Special VGA BIOS Setup


Did you try the both card alone again after you removed and then replaced the resistor? (You shouldn't have done that IMO)

It sounds like one of the cards is damaged from what you describe.
Do you have the SLI cable connecting the 2 cards?
Is the cable OK or might there be damage to the cable?

Your system specs, OS and driver version would help us too...

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What I know is that you have to use two Voodoo2 from the same manufacturer, and with the same amount of RAM. So, you are ok. There's no problem with the revisions.

Maybe the passthru cable you're using is damaged. Or you didn't connect it OK. Anyways, it sounds like a hardware problem -maybe in both cards?-
When you use them one at a time, do you have the same problems?.


Could you scan does two cards for me???
Because I am looking for pictures and changes in different revisions.
I didn't even know they had revisions with the Monster3D2.
Start War and peace will be appreciated