Can't boot into windows with Voodoo 5 AGP

Started by Dazz, 05 April 2009, 21:58:51

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I guys i have bought this card about 1 year ago never been able to test it intill now since my main system watercooling blew my pump ect. Anyway i had an Old MATX board (unknown OEM brand w/ Unviersal AGP) with a Athlon XP 1800+ 1GB PC133 Ram and wanted to test out the voodoo 5 as a old gaming system. However i can't even get into windows with ANY voodoo 5 drivers. It works fine in Windows ME with standard PCI drivers and in WIndows XP will work in VGA only mode. If i install any VGA drivers the screen goes into standby when booting into XP, with Win ME the DOS screen will remain but the OS still boots and loads fine. Could it be a card defect or BIOS issue?

The Voodoo 5 card is 5500 AGP 1.06 and samsung memory 64MB SDR. I have tried to flash it but no go says unknown flash eeprom manufature man id :55h, Dev ID :AAH i have tried 3 diffrent BIOSes too all the same. Anyway to disable the protection and force flash?