Evolution Drivers Update

Started by Raziel64, 30 May 2004, 02:18:13

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Evolution Drivers Series for V4/5 Expert Edition released (Win9x).

Full readme -> http://evolutiondrivers.webcindario.com/Readme_Full.txt
Lite readme -> http://evolutiondrivers.webcindario.com/Readme_Lite.txt

- Optimized installation system.
- Improved performace and mainly compatibility with Dx8.x and Dx9.x  
- New 3Dfx Tools MOD plus new Help files.
- Fixed and added the 3Dfx Tools Advanced Features entries. Now you
 have more than 68 options to configure!

Evolution Drivers Series for 3Dfx Voodoo Banshee based cards released(Win9x/Me and 2k/XP).

Win9x/Me readme -> http://evolutiondrivers.webcindario.com/Readme_Banshee_9x.txt
Win 2k/XP readme -> http://evolutiondrivers.webcindario.com/Readme_Banshee_XP.txt

Grab them in: http://www.evolutiondrivers.cjb.net

Evolution Drivers Series