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Started by ggab, 25 May 2004, 12:33:59

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Personally I find them a bit too unstable. When I alt tab or get messaged on AIM my game crashs when using the Voodoolizer and VoodooXtreme drivers. I recommend the Amigamerlin ones. They are as Compatible with games and it is stable. Also earlier versions of the voodoolizer had a problem with getting my desktop to crash randomly.
That's just my opinion.

My comp is a 700MHZ Athlon with 512 SDRAM and PCI VOODOO 5500


While I can't comment on anything they *cough* "created" within the last 6 months or so, everything before that period were found to be the cheapest and most stunningly lame plagiats ever seen on the face of earth.

The AmigaMerlin 3.0 Driver and Core Files were among their favorite targets for their dirty work.
The Plagiats/Fakes have been confirmed over and over, even down to Bit level (including how they did it, using a cheap Resource Editor to simply edit the File Property pages). Latter was actually found to be the only 'change' in the Files

Bottom line :
I wouldn't believe or trust them onto a single word, even if my life depended on it
They're the rock bottom of the 3dfx Scene, and the dishonored shame of the entire German 3dfx Community.

An Oddity Award they certainly won, however :
Despite their cover of lies being blown several times (!) in public, they simply exhibit a strategy of complete denial, and continued advertising/spamming for their plagiats.

Unfortunately, not everyone is informed about the true nature of their activies, so their dishonorable label still pops up from time to time. Some of their followers can be seen spamming in various Forums on occasion.

Since I was the first to identify their Plagiats/Fakes and publish my findings sometime last year, I'm blessed with their eternal hatred.
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yes, and... what a dirty work!
(i also saw that they simply edit the File Property pages in DLLs, but i thought that maybe some files weren't Plagiated/Faked... no way)

and i found that Funny topic:
(from ARRAndy)
FalconFly, your reply was so cool LOL :-)