Is this the same as 3Dfx Interactive?

Started by bunnyjo, 13 September 2008, 05:57:20

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I am doing some work for a database and was wondering if is new for 3dfx interactive that nvidia bought out?  Any information would be greatly appreciated since I want to make sure I have my information right.

Thanks [:I]


this is just a fan site-there is no official connection to 3dfx interactive (or nvidia).however,it is the last site where new 3dfx drivers (and more) are actively developed,and one of the few remaining sites that actually provide support for 3dfx cards&products (via this forum).

feel free to browse around,and if you have any questions about 3dfx cards,drivers,history of 3dfx interactive and so on don't hesitate to ask,there is quite a bunch of skilled people here that are always willing to help..


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