New multi GPU technology

Started by forefront, 07 September 2008, 18:16:16

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I did see news about new multi gpu technology which don't need crossfire or sli technologies. you can read more about here . If thath comes out some motherboard where is lots of pci slots it can get nice boost for voodoo cards if you have meny them.

Sorry my bad english but i hope you did found out what i mean. :)
Computer number 1 Voodoo 5 5500 64mb agp, 1.5gb ddr ram, AMD Athlon 1700+(1800+ - 1900+}
Computer number 2 voodoo3 3000 16mt pci<3 PIII 1000mhz 256mt sdram 133mhz dvd-driver. Win2000.


HI forefront,

thank you for posting. I've edited that message because the original link was broken but now is OK.

However, I'd like see a Hydra 100 based board to manage video output by two or more 3dfx Voodoo3 or Voodoo5 cards (those last being not in SLI). But I can note just two obstacles at this moment. First, the system by Lucid is a prototype only so this technology couldn't really work on large scale. Besides, due to prototype design and behavior, the gpus or graphics processors must be connected to Hydra 100 based board via PCI-Express bus to minize latency.

There's a interesting Lucid's technology presentation by The Tech Report here:

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