Voodoo4/5 Tweaking: VSA100 Overclocker v. 1.00

Started by Glide, 03 April 2004, 13:58:01

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Grand Admiral Thrawn

AH, now this is something the 3dfx world REALLY needed. Unfortunately my 6000 is not in an operational status right now, but I'll be able to try it on my v5 5500 and do some clock scaling benchmarks.

Posted the VSA-100 OC'er v1.00 in Hard:Overclock's News. This one's definitely worth it.
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Well, you know where to send 6k for tune up and oil change :-P. I might have some time to look at it.



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Just a quick note for you guys, if your running win9x and using the 3dfx tools, the official 3dfx overclocker.exe changes both VSA's as well, not only one.  :)
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