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Started by curtis239, 30 August 2006, 01:01:01

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I have A 3dfx voodoo3 and I need open gl to play soldier of fortune 2 How do I get open gl ? Can anyone tell me how and ware to go or get the right stuff and how do I go about doing it? Some people told me ware to go but I dont know how to or what to do. Know nothing I need how to help. Thank you Curtis239


An OpenGL driver is integrated in the graphics driver package, i.e. the SFFT Alpha. But if you want to play SoF 2 at maximum speed, you should better use the WickedGL:

But I can't remember exactly, whether the game runs on a Voodoo3 ... just try it with both OGL drivers (the integrated MesaFX and WickedGL). :)

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check here.
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