Linux Voodoo2 & Mesa 5.0.2

Started by xknight, 16 November 2003, 02:33:27

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Hey guys,

Has anyone gotten the .. Glide 2.53 MesaGL 5.0.2 combo to work with the Quake family of games?

Ive compiled up MesaGL with

make linux-glide
make linux-x86-glide
make linux-opt-glide

Heretic2 runs fantasticly but Quake 2 and 3 fail with a Seg11 just as it should start the intro movies.

I see the screen flash % res change as the card is being initialized then comes the seg fault.

Any help on this would be great ..

Thanks in advance.

ps - also has anyone gotten 5.0.2 to build with ./configure --with-glide= combo?