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Seems to me that WebTV was for the US version
Voodoo3 and Velocity Discussions / help
06 January 2003, 21:57:36
this is the way to proceed when you download a full package (drivers + tools) like the 3Dfx reference drivers :

- put the desktop in 16 colors and 640*480

- in the directory where the drivers have been extracted, run the executable file. Click on Setup.exe  
- "welcome to the 3dfx tools setup wizard" => select NEXT
- agree the terms of the license  and select NEXT
- "ready to install the program" => INSTALL
the program installs the 3dfx tools control panel and the drivers
- "completing the 3dfx tools setup  wizard" => finish

- select YES, i want to restart my computer now, when prompted
But sometimes, the drivers don't  have the 3dfx tools (this is a possibility with "drivers third party") or are a little "special"

so what drivers are you using ?

Voodoo4/5 Discussions / Amigamerlin 2.9XP ???
04 January 2003, 02:23:34
what ?
i say that there is no problem with the download ;)

and you ?
Voodoo4/5 Discussions / Amigamerlin 2.9XP ???
04 January 2003, 00:10:04
don't use "english version :"
indeed no link towards the driver
yes i'm ok, this core needs some or many work but seems that 3dhq is not interested

Voodoo4/5 Discussions / Amigamerlin 2.9XP ???
03 January 2003, 21:37:46
Amigamerlin 2.5SE (Win2k/Xp) is out
Voodoo2 Discussions / Voodoo2 and UT 2003
03 January 2003, 21:24:25

did you try to install like primary card, a card which is inadequate for UT2003 (e.g with only 8 mo)
Mikepedo 1.1 drivers : their interest ? they use the last core for DirX8 (fév 2001) and this core has a good compatibility with DirX8 but it's unstable and probably buggy
I think to a conflict between drivers or a bad installation "dxdiag either won't run at all, or complains it has a problem with DirectDraw" but difficult to imagine or understand the problem.
Anyway WickedGl is a good solution with all games built on the Q3 engine
but with others games, the  problem will be still here [:(]

ps : Trident (i forgot) this is the name of the gfx chipset ?

update : can you verify if the hardware Acceleration is on maximum, or not (display, tab parameters, advanced, tab performances)

Voodoo2 Discussions / Voodoo2 and UT 2003
02 January 2003, 00:04:02
I presume that because of 3D capacities from the primary card, UT2003 tries to use it by
default, as primary screen controller.
Perhaps you can use 3DControlCenter program.
This will allow you to control which card does any 3D acceleration for Direct3D (Microsoft's DirectX) games.
You will find it here :
Voodoo2 Setup and tweaking / DirectX 8
01 January 2003, 13:35:09
I think that the last 3Dfx reference drivers (3.02.02) are sufficiant.
They are "only" DirX7 but they proved to be very versatile, even if with DirX8 of course some visual glitches are possible.
But if the game needs a new Direct X feature, nothing can be done.
Anyway don't forgot the hardware limitations.
indeed the error message is a little amazing :
- are your drivers correctly installed ?
- do you use correctly 3DAnalyze but i think that the message would be different (needs T&L...)
- can you verify in "execute, dxdiag, tab "display" " how many video memory you have ?

before re installing the drivers and the software, i would clean the registry
i don't know Win2K but with Win98 or ME :
Uninstall all 3dfx Tools/Software, uninstall the 3dfx Card from the Device Manager, and reboot into Safe Mode.
In Safe Mode, edit the registry (Execute > RegEdit) and delete all 3dfx entries related to Display Adapters/Settings.

Of course, be careful

Voodoo2 Discussions / Voodoo2 and UT 2003
31 December 2002, 18:53:39
1 Voodoo 2 (8 mo or 12 mo) not possible probably
UT2003 needs 16 mo

perhaps 2 V2 (2*12 mo) or 1 Q3D X24 might run the game [:p]

a good experience indeed
General Discussions / my first voodoo
31 December 2002, 18:42:01
i would say a Banshee