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Did you create a shortcut to nfs2sea.exe then run it ?
General Discussions / My 3dfx Wallpaper
05 September 2017, 01:01:38
Nice !

Thanks :)
Other Video Cards / matrox g450 freezes
14 January 2015, 23:44:29
According to Matrox, "G450-based PCI graphics cards are recommended for computers with Intel chipsets.
With non-Intel chipsets, features and performance may be limited. Specifically, the bus mastering feature may not be supported and, as a result, the DualHead DVDMax feature may not be supported and OpenGL acceleration may not be available."

So what's your cpu ?
You can read this topic
If any problem, ask.
Your problem is too imprecise.
Can you give more detail ?
Do you get any message ?
Did you try what Rolo explained ?

edit :
The game is not very demanding :
Win 98/2000/ME/XP, P III 800 MHz, 256 Mo RAM, gfx card 32 Mo with T&L (GF2, Radeon7000...), DX9
or CPU 2 GHz if your card is not T&L
What's the name of the dll ?
Did you tryto update your drivers ?
Question : what driver did you install "before" the v3.01.00 ?
Voodoo4/5 Discussions / V5 artifact problems.
30 June 2014, 01:19:38
Overclocking ?
Try to underclock the card below the factory defaults (166 mhz).
Why do you need 3D Analyzer ?
This game is not very demanding : Win2000 and XP with a gfx card 128 Mb

edit :
you're running Win7 but what's your gfx card ?
so what's your system ?
Anyway, Matrox
You can use the utility 3D Control Center. With it, you can switche between different D3D cards for games that can't do it.