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Could never get either the PCI V5 or the AGP to work correctly. Freezeups were commonplace. Sadly I now use Dxvoodoo. Works well but FPS are lower with my Ti4200 Geforce.
Well, I did try disabling the sound card but I guess it was not the problem as It continued freezing. Memory refernce errors are common when running the game.
Thanks for the attempt but all that stuff is old hat for me. Been playing the game for almost 5 years and have used all of the patches etc. Even complete reformats have not cured the problem and the performance from the glidos cannot match the voodoo 5 both in fps and picture quality. Thinking that my agp V5 was giving up the ghost I even brought a brand new PCI V5 and still whatever card I put in the problems return.

My question is what could cause either memory leaks or cpu spikes that seem to lock the computer? Various versions of DX have been tried. Shifted card positions and memory. Would another stick of memory help? Are there issues with Audigy and games and how would one fix them?
The greyed out areas are on the hardware optimization page and the only setting one can check is the enable vga palette snoop. All others such as:

AGP enable
1x/2x/4x/agp transfer      ARE GREYED OUT!
AGP fast writes
AGP sideband addressing

Now, I don't know if it makes a difference but on Koolsmoky's page it shows the same menu area with some of these things enabled and it made me wonder why I could'nt do it also.

system specs:

Pentium 2.4 ghz
512mb ram
Voodoo 5500 PCI
Chaintech Apogee Mainboard 9Ejl2 ( I think)
Hi there!

I have a question about v-control panel and the area of the panel that says device configuration. All of these boxes are greyed out. Can anyone tell me why? I'm using vs-w2k-xp-1.09-beta10 drivers which so far seems the best for Red Baron 3d as the amigamerlin series of drivers corrupt the game menus in the flying mode and does not draw the far horizon ( leaving large patches of green).

General Discussions / Evolution for v4/5 ready!
24 August 2004, 02:54:16
I tried this driver with Red Baron 3d and was unable to select glide or run at resolutions beyond 800x600


Red Baron 3d + patches
Carmageddon 2
Heavy Metal Faak 2
Evild Dead Hail to The King
3D-Analyze and TnL games / TAA Working ?
11 June 2004, 03:25:06
Hi again!

Bear with me I'm not the 3dfx gurus you all are but just someone who enjoys fiddling around with the cards .

I'm using Amigamerlin's 2.5 drivers for 98 so I don't see this Temporal AA hotkey. Is it not included in the applet or is there some adjustment I must do?

3D-Analyze and TnL games / TAA Working ?
11 June 2004, 03:13:59
Hi again!

So what is this keycode you mention putting "in". This is the only thing I'm not clear on. What is it and why 123?

By the way, my initial tests with the new mesa glide has made a tremendous improvement in fps rate . I went from from about 45-60 fps online to 85-100 fps with Red Baron 3d. Awesome!!

Many Thanks

3D-Analyze and TnL games / TAA Working ?
10 June 2004, 15:15:45
Hail 3dfx!

For us not in the know , how about some information about enabling the TAA ( yes! How to make that bat file)? As well as best settings for the MESA control panel.

Thanks~ Hearse

Red Baron 3d is a glide based game. It can be played in d3d but it is not as nice. Crashing on startup is not the issue but online play. It;s almost clockwork. Every 20 minutes STUCK! As for sound card I don't think that hardware acceleration setting does anything for the problem. I tried that with no effect. Tried it all I figure. Nothing left to but reformat.


Problems back! Siighhhhh! May have to reformat xp. Game seems to be ok in Win 98 on my dual partition.


 I've been working hard trying to solve the problem of RB3D locking up and freezing the computer. I've tried multiple drivers , playing with the cache settings, lowering hardware acceleration, reinstalling updating sound drivers, cleaning up the registry, defragging, reducing the start up processes, increasing memory voltage, slightly overclocking with little improvement. Errors have cited 3dfxvs as a problem and so I thought that it was a memory issue. I downloaded a little program called cacheboost to optimize memory settings as the program is supposed to deal with memory leackage leading to instability and what I figured were infinite loop errors and since that time have ran over an hour freeze free on two occasions. Further testing will be needed and the program itself is a little pricey. The link for the program is
and I was wondering if i really need to buy a program like this or can I just adjust the settings myself if I know what to adjust or is there a freeware version of something similar. Now, I've tried Cacheman but that doesn't seem to do what this program is doing. Any suggestions?

Thanks ~ LW_Hearse

serious attention huh? more than just putting heatsinks on em which I would've done?

Salute! ( that's what us red baron players do)

I was thinking of going with tennmac stealth v3 coolers to replace the stock units. I really don't want to invade on the space of the other slots if possible but am open to suggestions regarding cooling.


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