3dfx voodoo3 3500TV-just a quick question

Started by ps47, 27 November 2003, 20:36:26

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greetings ya all.where should I plug the audio cable from my sound card-there are two connectors available on the v3 3500tv,one is closer to the dvi-out,the other is a bit more far away.now which one should I use?[8D]


Hi ps47,

Voodoo3 3500TV layout gives two ways to connect audio signal in input.

1)By I/O pod and in this case you must use two cables with RCA connectors for left (white color) and right (red color) channels.

2)Connect signal by input on pcb, just as follows (see the arrow, of course):

38.29 KB

That's all ;) [^]


thats what I needed.thanx.[8D]
edit:any chance you could send me a v3 3500 manual in pdf(or perhaps some other) format?:)


Yes, i do but it's in italian language...;)


ok,finally tried it,but I dont get any audio signal from the blue pod..I have two connectors on my sound card: CD_IN and AUX_IN.how should I connect them with my voodoo3 3500tv to get audio out on the pod?I am bit confused right now..


do you have the aux input muted on your sound card? Check the windows sound control panel, most sound card drivers mute the AUX IN and LINE IN by default. You might even need to set the AUX IN to be the selected device in the recording panel
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