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Make a control about frequency refresh: you must verify that the card refresh matches monitor specs.

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This driver setup is to get a balanced level of performance and quality

OS: Windows XP - 3dfx Voodoo3 2000/3000/3500 cards


-AGP command fifo: 2x or autodetect

-Highest quality video: enabled

-Refresh optimization: disabled

-Via chipset: performance


-3d filter: quality high

-Alpha blending: sharper

-Auto mip mapping: enabled

-D3D guardband clipping: enabled

-Anti aliasing: fast performance if you like run games at high  resolution, else 2X enabled (until 1024x768 resolution) or 4X (lower resolution suggested).

-Edge aliasing: enabled

-Level of detail bias: 0

-Maximum buffered frames: 1 pending buffer

-Mip mapping dithering: disabled

-Rendering color depth: software controlled

-Speed setting fastest v-sync: disabled

-Trilinear filter: disabled

-Triple buffer: enabled

-Z buffer optimizzation: enabled


-16 bit depth precision: fast

-32 bit depth precision: fast

-3d filter quality: high

-Alpha blending: sharper

-Anisotropic filter: 4 tap

-Anti aliasing: as for D3D games

-Edge aliasing : enabled

-Force 16 bit texture: disabled

-Force 3d now! instruction: on

-Force mmx instruction: on

-Force voodoo rush emulation: disabled

-Glide 32bpp rendering: software controlled

-Glide guardband clipping. enabled

-Glide refresh rate (monitor dependent)

-Glide triple buffer: enabled

-Hidden surface removal: disabled (enabling yuo could see visual artifacts)

-Legacy texture compression: enabled

-Level of detail bias: 0

-Limit texture memory: disabled (enable for compatibility with old

-Maximum buffered frames: 1 pending buffer

-Mip mapping dithering: disabled

-OpenGL guardband clipping: enabled

-OpenGL culling: enabled

-Speed Setting fastest v-sync: disabled

Of course you'll be find not all settings in your driver control panel because some features are typical of Voodoo4/5 hardware or VIA based motherboard only: just reply what is on in your 3dfx Tools.

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Use 3dfx Tools included in 3th party drivers as Amigamerlin 2.5 SE release.

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Try Direct3D 8 to OpenGL Wrapper located at 's Voodoo2 Utilities page (MS DirectX 8.1 or above are required).

Follow a tool screenshot:

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Which driver do you use for 3dfx card ?

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I suggest to upgrade your OS to Windows XP: in fact for this platform Voodoo3 3500 drivers have less compatibility issues with DirectX 8.x and above than 9X/ME releases. Use AmigaSport 2.0 3500TV-XP driver for 3dfx V3 setup under XP.

Welcome to forum.

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General Discussions / AMIGAMERLIN 3.0 ????
18 July 2003, 13:44:38
Our beta testers are working: we want get a good level of performance and stability so you have to wait. When drivers will be ready we give announcement at site home and you could download.

PS: welcome in en board.

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i will see if working on banshee is possible (time problem at this moment) to solve TMUs question with GLide api's. This could require some new libraries banshee dedicated.


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Ok ;)

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Voodoo2 Discussions / Voodoo2 an Pentium IV
17 July 2003, 21:49:35
Pentium 4 based system (Intel chipset) - Creative 3D Blaster Voodoo2 SLI 24mb - Windows XP - FastVoodoo2 2.5 driver - UT High Quality settings

Click on image to enlarge.

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Tnx for topic that we hope be useful for many peaple ;).
Which Voodoo3 driver do you suggest for best results with this mod?

Have you made a comparison between the performances with a V3 driver modded and with another 3d party (banshee dedicated) driver (i.e X-Mojomotion 1.0 or others)?

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- Spectrobozo

Download from FastVoodoo2 driver and install in your system: FastVoodoo2 driver kit works fine with OGL games (using WickedGL interface). I add that you must get FV2 3.5 if your OS is Win9X/Me or FV 2.5 if it's Win2k/XP.

Finally, in all tweak sections of 3dfxzone Voodoo area there are the release 2.30, 2.31, 2.99 (beta) and 3.20 (demo) of
Metabyte MiniGL (WickedGL)...[^]

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Say us your problem and/or target so we could help you ...

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Voodoo2 Discussions / Voodoo2 an Pentium IV
17 July 2003, 21:24:48
- Spectrobozo: good idea. You could buy another Monster 3D II 8mb (SLI with mismatched cards is no full drivers supported and sometime poor of compatibility).

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You can play with a "good" frame number at 800x600 resolution using WickedGL mini driver.
Better, many better if you could get another Monster 3D II to enable SLI configuration entering so in the true Voodoo2 System ;)

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