Voodoo 3 + Windows x64

Started by TaaDow, 03 January 2006, 06:22:10

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I just installed Windows x64 but I can't get my Voodoo 3 to work properly. Windows picks up the video card but installs it as a generic VGA card and i can't change the screen resolution or color depth so it looks terrible. I am using my Voodoo card as a secondary card to my Radeon x800 XT to display a second monitor (I know my x800 supports dual monitor but i also have my tv hooked up to it and it doesn't support hooking them all up at the same time)
Anyone know of a driver that is supported by Windows x64 or any work-around to get my voodoo card working?



As long as it reads it as generic, it should work for dual moniter support. But other than that, I can't help you.
AMD Athlon 64 3000+
1 gb ddr
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Yeah i can actually enable it in the dual monitor setup and use it but i can't adjust the screen resolution (locked at 640x480) or the color depth (locked at the lowest setting) so obviously it looks terrible and is basically unusable