Help me about AMIGAMERLIN driver,please.

Started by czj, 18 December 2004, 14:32:51

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SetDX7Mode.exe is for DX7 compatible.
SetDX8Mode.exe is for DX8 compatible.

1.What is Set3Tile.exe?
2.What is Set4Tile.exe?

If no run Set DX Mode\*.*,is it DX9 compatible?

Please tell me,thanks.[?]


Basically just ignore setDX7Mode and SetDxMode unless you need to run Vietcong. The driver is DX9 compatible in either mode and tends to run better and faster in DX8 mode which is the default, you can tell which mode you are running in by looking at the DDI version displayed in the DXDiag utility on the DirectDraw and DirectX test page, it will be either 7 or 8. Set3Tile and Set4tile change the memory layout reported by the card set3tile allows more memory for textures but disables use of a tripple buffer. Some games only work in 3 tile mode, and some only work in 4 tile mode. 4 tile mode is the default.



I am testing SFFT for World of warcraft.