If any driver developper is interested...

Started by Dr.Yak, 02 May 2006, 16:38:23

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I just wanted to mention that Google Summer of Code 2006 is starting to get organised.
Among the mentors, there's the X.org organisation and, as an exemple of what could be done for such a project, they mention improving the DRI drivers like 3dfx's (note that the DRI link is for the out-dated last year edition).
So if any of the developping guru around here wants to try some driver hacking on a new platforme, we linux user would be really happy ?

Don't know, like maybe SFFT would like to take a small summer break from the DX9 drivers ? ...

(I'm just hoping to have a functionnal SLI under Linux. And if there's a way to be able to switch in-the-fly between DUAL-Chip mode (for xgl, cairo, gnash, etc. on the desktop) and FSAA 4x (for games) without restarting server, i'll be really happy...)

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This topis is interesting. A help with Linux platforms would be very appreciated.

Do you have any progress about your project?

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