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Games / nfs 2 se\ glide, w98\v4 4500
31 January 2007, 12:27:53
Hi there, I have NFS2SE running perfectly fine under Windows 98SE with a Voodoo5500 AGP, using the latest 3dfx drivers that were released from 3dfx themselves. Tried to get the game working under Windows XP but failed.

As far as I experienced it, you need Win95 / Win98 in order to play it with Glide support. Of course, you first need to copy that EXE file from your NFS2SE CD.

It's actually pretty easy to determine wether the game is running in glide mode or not: All Weather effects only appear in the Glide Version of the Game i.e. Snow on the "Mystic Peaks" Track, or the flies that hit your windshield on the "Outback" track.
Games / Need for speed - CARBON
17 November 2006, 13:15:16
Hm seems we'll need a way to bypass this diagnostic tool from EA suckers. As far as I recall, I've seen pictures of NFS Most Wanted running on a V6000 here in this forum. As NFS Carbon is only a Mod of NFS Most Wanted (It's not possible to develop a new game in 1 year) it should run pretty fine as well if the initial hardware check can be bypassed. I've seen NFS Carbon @ my friends place and graphics haven't changed since most wanted except its night - lol
3Dfx brought 3D accelerated graphics to the mass consumer market, they are a piece of 3D graphics history.

-> a good reson to collect those cards ^^

I myself don't see a reason to play the latest games with the old voodoos, other than a certain competition to be the first who gets game xyz to run on a voodoo. This evolved out of the fact, that 3Dfx stopped making cards, and people tried of course to use their cards as long as possible and to overcome all obstacles that time put them in their way like games that demanded Transform and Lightning support or pixel shaders. But Nowadays I think it has become quite impossible to really get a state of the art game to run on a voodoo with playable framerate and good looks.

--> Go play games of the voodoo era with your cards, there were many good games back in the days, that are still fun to play!
Nah, don't think it's a hardware failure. Is the picture always too bright, even during POST and boot procedure, or only when the Operating System is up and running? Or does it only appear in 3D applications?

If so, maybe you somehow have set wrong Gamma settings in the 3Dfx Tools options...
Games / DOS Glide games list
27 June 2006, 22:24:28
Archimedean Dynasty (aka Schleichfahrt)
Jetfighter III
Apache (with patch)
Hind (with patch)
The Elder Scrolls: Red Guard
Tomb Raider 1

Grand Theft Auto
Blood with 3Dfx Patch

Not sure:

Extreme Assault?!?
Screamer (aka Bleifuss)/ Screamer Rally / Screamer 2
As you want to play WoW I would definitely buy the latest available 3Dfx card for this game, which would be a Voodoo 5500. Graphics quality as well as overall game speed should be much better with a V5500. Use your Voodoo3 for older games that fit in the Voodoo3 era!

btw: nice case! Did you do all the airbrush work yourself?
Voodoo4/5 Discussions / Voodoo 5 6000
02 June 2006, 09:04:06
Oh if anybody has a few V6000 lying around, please contact me too.

By 2 get 1 free ^^
Hello folks. I recently searched the internet for some high resolution 3Dfx company logos for my new modding project. Unfortunately I only found the newer logo, but what I really need is the original old logo from ~1996:

Image Insert:

11.69 KB

Does anybody know where I can get this logo in a high resolution version, preferrably in a vector based image format such as *.eps?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Edit: the NEWER 3dfx logo can be found as an *.eps File at:

simply right click on the 3dfx logo to save the eps file. You can open it with Adobe Photoshop and select your preferred resolution!
Voodoo4/5 Discussions / Xp boot failure
08 May 2006, 10:38:34
What Version of Windows XP do you use to install your machine? As far as i recall, we had an issue at work with a Windows XP with integrated SP2 CD. It would set the display resolution automatically to 1280*1024 pixels not 800*600 as it was with WinXP "Classic". Maybe your attached Monitor cannot display this resolution properly?

I know this sounds somehow ridiculous but I experienced it myself. Used an old 15" CRT to install a PC and it refused to show a picutre with 1280*1024 resolution. Boot screen etc is okay but afterwards nothing *g*
Yep I would say it's THE "Diamond Monster 3D" , a Voodoo1 based Card. Was pretty popular in Germany back in the days *g* A friend of mine bought one of these back in summer '98. He could then play Unreal, Q2 and NFS2SE on his P1 MMX 200Mhz in 640*480 resolution. Damn did I envy him for this kickass machine...
Voodoo4/5 Discussions / Xp boot failure
06 May 2006, 01:04:54
Try installing a second Graphics card into your Computer. An old PCI Card would be very helpful I assume. Check your BIOS settings, if there's an option like "Boot from PCI / AGP" , set it to PCI and see if you can bring up WinXP with the PCI card. Then add the Voodoo to your system and install latest drivers for your Voodoo. After that, remove the PCI card and test if it works with the V5 only...
Yeah nice mod dude! Big advantage of those coolers is, that the card still uses only one Slot in your Case and doesn't block the nearby PCI Slot. Where did you get those two coolers btw?
@ Steph3dfx: Have you already considered the Aerocool Engine Junior Case for your Voodoo 5500 based PC?

I bought this one 'cause it was pretty cheap, is very well ventilated and silent.

It is available in silver and black colors, has an speed adjustable turbine style 12cm fan in the front and a window with an 8cm fan.

Costs ~45-50€ in Germany...

but you'll have to be quick, this case isn't produced anymore, and its predecessor costs around 70€
Nice Mod Dude:)

Those Fans run normally at 12V, have you already tested if they cool the card sufficiently at 5V only? I suppose that would make the card even more silent.